Assessor's Office


The Assessor’s Office establishes the estimated market value and classification for property tax purposes for nearly 6,000 parcels. Also, it administers the collection of special assessments and provides interdepartmental property ownership and valuation research.

  • Function: Value and Classify Property
  • Goal: Fair and Equitable Tax Distribution
  • Responsibility: Serve the residents of Anoka


The City of Anoka encourages tax payers to call or visit, attend the various meetings on valuation and budget, and learn all you can about the taxation process. The assessing staff are ready to discuss your valuation and classification questions with you at anytime.

  • The Board of Appeal and Equalization Meeting for the City of Anoka was held on Monday, May 2, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. at Anoka City Hall.

2022 Assessed Valuation Notices

During March of 2022, city of Anoka property owners received their 2022 Assessed Value Notice from Anoka County. Each year the city assessor is responsible for estimating the market value of all taxable property located within the city.  The notice included the estimate of market value as of January 2, 2022, which will be used to determine payable tax in calendar year 2023.  

Property owners may notice a large increase in property value. It is important to note that increasing values do not necessarily mean increased property taxes. The value is a reflection of what happens when low interest rates, full employment, rising construction costs, government stimulus, and low inventory come together.  Property taxes are taxes on the community as a whole.  The value of each property is used to determine the property owner’s share of the tax of the total costs of local government levy.   The local levy pays for necessary government services such as police, fire, streets, and parks.  

Changes to residential properties in Anoka will vary from property to property; however, residential property increases will average around 21%.  Minnesota law requires the City of Anoka to annually hold a Board of Equalization meeting to review assessments established by the assessor.  If property owners have questions or concerns about their 2022 estimated market value, they should call the assessor’s office at 763-576-2730.   Concerns that cannot be resolved and involve the 2022 estimated market value should be brought before the Board. 

Please note that the Board cannot adjust the payable 2022 taxes inasmuch as the current taxes are based on the previous year’s value.  The formal appeal process can be found on the back or your “Valuation of Classification Notice”.