Residential Rebates

Energy Star

If you have Anoka Municipal Utilities (AMU) as your utility provider, you may qualify for Rebate(s) on lighting and/or appliances! Start saving money today!!! This program is for AMU customers only.


Anoka Municipal Utility (AMU) offers rebates to many types of appliances. Purchase of an Energy Star® approved appliance is designed to save you money by lowering operating costs though out the life of the appliance.

Energy Star® is a government/industry partnership that makes it easy for you to save money and preserve our natural resources. Look for products with the Energy Star® label to ensure the appliance is energy efficient. Talk to your appliance dealer to find out which brands and models are eligible for AMU rebates. To qualify purchase and install an Energy Star® rated:

  • Clothes Washer
  • Dishwasher
  • Freezer
  • Refrigerator

To ensure your appliance will qualify for a rebate be sure to check the Energy Star® website.

Light Bulbs

Also, we offer rebates for the cost of LED bulb purchases of $5 whichever is less. The maximum total is $50 per year per customer. This rebate is issued as a credit to your utility account.

For more details call a customer representative at 763-576-2750

Air Conditioning

Last, here’s a tip to save even more! Tuning-up and cleaning your outside air conditioning unit can save up to 30% of the cost to operate. Be sure to check your furnace filter once a month by holding it up to a bright light. If you can’t see through it, it’s time to clean or replace the filter!

If you are a "do-it-yourselfer", few routine chores will pay off more handsomely, both in comfort and in dollars saved, than a simple air-conditioner cleaning. The payoff: Summertime comfort and lower cooling bills. You’ll also prolong the life of your air conditioner. View step by step instructions or call your local air conditioning contractor.

Rebate Forms