COVID-19 Payment Plan

Anoka Municipal Utility recognizes that some customers will have limited resources during this current COVID-19 crisis. We are committed to assisting customers through this time. To that end AMU will create temporary arrangements and payment plans that take into consideration the financial resources and circumstances of the customers affected. 

Plan Details

These payment plans and arrangements will not reduce the actual amount due for utility service received. It will allow customers to reduce the monthly payment amount for a short time until they are able to go back to work or until other financial resources such as unemployment or assistance is received.

Residential Rights and Responsibilities

(Similarly modeled after the Cold Weather Rule) 

  • The Right: to declare your inability to pay your utility bill. 
  • The Responsibility: to complete this questionnaire and return to AMU within 10 days of receipt of application. 
  • The Right: to a mutually acceptable payment arrangement with AMU. The payment arrangement will cover your existing past due plus estimated charges during the payment arrangement period. 
  • The Responsibility: to provide documentation to AMU that your income has been affected by COVID-19


Payment arrangements for April and May will be set up based on the information received.  In the event that the current crisis situation is still in effect after May 1st, we will contact you with more information by May 15th.