Invasive Species Control


Common buckthorn has become a threat to Minnesota’s woodlands and prairies because it is capable of growing in adverse habitats. Buckthorn will push out native species if left untreated. Residents are encouraged to remove buckthorn growing on their property.

For information on how to correctly identify buckthorn and the best practices to remove it please check out the quick links and documents provided. 

Noxious Weeds

The MN DNR provides a comprehensive guide to identifying noxious weeds found in and around Minnesota. Not all can be found in Anoka or Anoka County.

Caution: Oils on the leaves and stems of some weeds can sting or burn skin or maybe harmful in other ways so proper handling and disposal is recommended.  

Invasive Species Cost Share Program

The Anoka Cooperative Weed Management Area (ACWMA) program, available through the Anoka County Soil and Water Conservation District, offers financial and technical assistance to private landowners to control invasive species and reestablish native vegetation on their property. The purpose of the program is to establish a cooperative effort, necessary for effective planning, coordination, and implementation to manage and control invasive species within Anoka County. The ACWMA activities shall focus on the prevention, detection, eradication and control of priority invasive plants using an integrated, cooperative, strategic approach. For more information on this program, please visit Anoka County Soil and Water Conservation District.