Snow Removal & Ice Control

The Public Services Department is responsible to clear and maintain the safest possible travel conditions on the City’s streets, sidewalks, and parking lots.

Street/Park Supervisor

The Street/Parks Supervisor retains the latitude to adjust sequencing and route assignments based on storm conditions, equipment available, and/or other conditions that warrant changes. The City will attempt to clear main thoroughfares as a priority.

The Public Services Department, with the assistance of the Police Department, monitors the street conditions. Together they determine the level of maintenance activity needed to maintain the streets in reasonable safe condition.


In general, operations will be dealt with as follows:

  • Snow accumulations of two inches or less will be handled on an as-needed basis though such activities as spot sanding/salting and/or spot plowing.
  • Snow accumulations of two inches or more, with continuing snowfall, warrants commencement of full plowing operations.
  • Drifting snow may warrant commencement of partial or full operations, depending upon conditions.
  • Icing of pavements may warrant partial or full operation ice control, depending upon extent and conditions.


Roads, municipal parking lots/ramps, City facilities, and sidewalks are the first priority for snow removal. Parks, trails and skating rinks have lower priority and may not be cleared during initial operations depending on the severity of the storm.

Also refer to these sections of the City Code regarding snow removal responsibilities:
Property Maintenance
Streets, Sidewalks and Other Public Places