Speeding in Neighborhoods

It is frustrating and dangerous when drivers speed through residential areas, often to avoid congested intersections. The department knows this problem exists in many areas of the city and have a procedure to respond to the situation. 

Speed Trailer

Initially, we respond to this problem by placing a speed trailer along the roadway. Our new speed trailer purchased with the help of the Anoka Anti-Crime Commission has the ability to record and collect data on vehicles passing the trailer. The trailer also displays the speed of the approaching vehicle.

Radar Enforcement

If the speeding persists, an officer in a marked squad will be assigned to conduct hard radar enforcement in the area as time and call load allows. It has been our experience that often the ticketed violators are residents of the area, mainly because they use that roadway most often. Sometimes, officers will be directed to use an unmarked squad car as a special patrol detail.

Formal Complaint

Additionally, citizens can bring a formal complaint against a violator/driver if the citizen can identify the vehicle by way of the vehicle license number and give a specific description of the driver and the officer believes that a legitimate offense occurred. If these criteria are met, the officer may issue the driver a citation requiring a court appearance. At court, the citizen must be willing to testify against the driver.

Yard Signs

Finally, you may have seen neighborhoods with yard signs requesting drivers to slow down. The Anoka Anti-Crime Commission has donated funds to purchase these signs for use by neighborhood Crime Watch groups. These signs should be available by late July.

Additional Information

For more information, contact Captain Andy Youngquist at 763-576-2800.