Commercial Rebates

If  Anoka Municipal Utilities (AMU) is the electric service provider for your business, you may qualify for rebate(s). Start saving money today!!! This program is for AMU customers only. 

  • If you find your rebate to estimate value over $5,000, please call 763-576-2904 to check if funds are available. Thank you!

Lighting, Motors, & Drives

The Commercial and Industrial Lighting, Motor, and Drive Rebate Programs provide incentives to customers who install high-efficiency lighting, motors, and variable speed drives. Rebate programs for lighting, motors, and drives are available to our commercial customers. You save two ways: First, with a rebate from us to help reduce your initial equipment purchase cost and second, with lower operating costs throughout the life of the product.

Air Conditioning System

Save money and stay comfortable when you retrofit or replace your air conditioning system. Manufacturers have high-efficiency equipment that could fit into your plans to update or replace your cooling system. Anoka Municipal Utility’s (AMU) Custom Efficiency program offers rebates on various air conditioning equipment to make it easier for you to save money. 

Start saving money today! 

  • Projects must be complete before submitting rebate applications. 
  • Rebate applications must be submitted within twelve (12) months of invoice/purchase date. (Beginning Jan. 1, 2024)
  • See individual rebate application for more details of how to qualify and apply for each rebate.

Rebate Applications

NEW! Program Term: 2024 Calendar Year (available to submit within 12 months of invoice/purchase date)