Rum River Bank Stabilization Project

Project Background

In 2023-2024, this project aims to stabilize nearly 300 linear feet of eroding riverbank on the Rum River. The eroding riverbank is contributing excess sediment and nutrients to the river, is eliminating wildlife habitat and threatening the integrity of the adjacent stone trail on the bluff.  Bare soil and tree roots are clearly visible as a result of the erosion.  

The City of Anoka has received a grant totaling more than $1.2m for this project. This project is led by the City of Anoka with assistance from the Anoka Conservation District and engineering services of Bolton-Menk.


Clear and stabilize nearly 300' of shoreline along the Rum River.


Specific plans are still being developed.  It is anticipated that the streambank will be stabilized by utilizing a combination of regrading, placement of large boulders and rip rap along the toe of the riverbank, and use of a variety of structural techniques and vegetation on the steep slope.