Swim Lessons

Due to the Covid-19 Stay at Home order, the sale of season passes and swim lesson registration is delayed. 

Schedules and registration will be announced when we know more information. Any current fees and schedules posted are scheduled to change. Please do not try to register, it will not work. Follow the Anoka Aquatic Center Facebook page for current updates and announcements.

Thanks, Staff


ClassMorning LessonsEvening Lessons
Parent and Child Aquatics $40$38
PreSchool (Ages 1 through 3) $50$47
Learn to Swim Level 1$50$47
Learn to Swim Levels (2 through 6)$58$54
Adult Swim LessonsNot Offered$47
Private Swim Lessons$96$72

We offer a quality swim program taught by Red Cross certified swim instructors at an affordable price. Plan your swim lesson schedule and register at our CivicRec page.

Parent and Child Swimming Activities

  1. Inclement weather
  2. Cancellation Policy
  3. Swim Lesson Etiquette
  • Each swim lesson level curriculum includes safety skills and discussion topics that will be taught on land.
  • Heated showers are provided.
  • Participants are encouraged to wear lycra swim shirts or white t-shirts for added warmth on cold weather days.
  • The pool water is heated to a minimum of 83 degrees.
  • Swim Lessons are never cancelled due to cold temperatures or rain.