Grave Purchase

Grave Plots

Please make an appointment to meet with the Cemetery Administrator if you are interested in purchasing graves. Graves are available for purchase in Forest Hill Cemetery in the following sections:   

  • Section 0 Blocks A through U - Singles, pairs, and multiple graves;  some cremation only designated
  • Section 5 Block 1 - Cremation only size graves measuring 42 inches by 48 inches accommodating 2 cremation interments
  • Section 6 Block 5 - Singles, pairs and multiple graves together in same plot available

Full Size Graves

Full size graves can accommodate the following:

  • One traditional casket interment
  • One traditional casket and one cremation interment
  • Two cremation interments

Some graves in Section 0 blocks A through Z have been designated as cremation only due to the location of trees and existing monuments. 

Cremation Size Graves & Columbarium Niches

Forest Hill Cemetery has two columbarium available for cremation interments. Purchase price for a niche includes a standard bronze plaque affixed to the exterior of the niche. Both are located on the northeast side of the cemetery.

  • Columbarium B has single and double niches available. 
    • The single niche can accommodate an individual interment. 
    • The double niche is intended for companion interments.
  • Columbarium A (sold out)
  • Cremation graves are located in Section 5 Block 1.  Cremation graves may accommodate 1 or 2 burials. Urn Vaults are not required. A single, flat marker measuring 24" x 12" x 4" may be installed on the grave.  Graves measure 42" W  x  48" L

Sold Out Sections

The following sections are currently sold out: 

  • Section 0 Blocks V through Z
  • Section 3
  • Section 4
  • Section 6 Block 4
  • Columbarium A