C.O.P.P.S. Unit

Minnesota Crime Free Multi-HousingA proactive policing approach was created in January 2016. Currently assigned to this unit are , Officer Austin Ohren, Officer Shayle Dominguez, and Crime Prevention Technician Nicole Neis.

This unit was created in January 2016 when then-Police Chief Phil Johanson, Ret. and Captain Scott Nolan, Ret. identified the department’s need for a full-time officer to be assigned to the duties of Crime-Free Multi-Housing as well as a liaison officer for downtown businesses.   With over 50% of the property in the City of Anoka being a rental property, this assignment turned out to be rather time-consuming.   Officer Paul Schley, who was the department's first COPPS Officer,  was then joined by Crime Prevention Technician Nicole Neis and subsequently Officer Eric Groebner in 2017.   In 2022, Officer Austin Ohren and Officer Shayle Dominguez were assigned to the COPPS unit.


2016-2020: Officer Paul Schley

2017-2021: Officer Eric Groebner

2020- 2022: Officer Zach Robertson

2022- Present: Officer Austin Ohren

2022-Present: Officer Shayle Dominguez

  1. Nicole Neis

    Crime Prevention Technician

  2. Austin Ohren

    C.O.P.P.S. Officer

  3. Shayle Dominguez

    C.O.P.P.S Officer