Veterans Memorial

The City of Anoka, with support from the American Legion Post #102, relocated the the Veterans Memorial from its location at by Forest Hill Cemetery/Highway 10 to Riverfront Memorial Park, 2201 2nd Avenue, Anoka. Construction was completed in the fall of 2018.  The new Veterans Memorial includes a bronze statue in likeness of WWII Medal of Honor recipient, Rick Sorenson, the granite "Praying Hands" monument, Flags and bronze medallions representing the 6 branches of the Military, the badges of Anoka Police and Fire Departments, and the Walk of Honor. 

Walk of Honor

The Walk of Honor provides the opportunity to acknowledge, honor and support the individuals that have served or are currently serving our country. There are three ways to be included in the Walk of Honor.  The Walk of Honor was designed so that it would never run out of space to honor those that selflessly serve their country and community. In its current configuration, there is room for about 750 names. 

Veteran and Military

Veterans, Active and Non-active Military Service Member from Anoka and the surrounding communities are eligible for inclusion in the Walk of Honor.  People may purchase a granite paver to honor or remember a grandparent, parent, brother, sister, neighbor, or friend that served, or is currently serving, our country. 

Eligibility for Individualized Paver:Example of an inscribed granite paver

  • Veteran
  • Active Military of any branch including Reservists and National Guard
  • Non-active Military of any branch including Reservists and National Guard that servedduring peace time

Retired Anoka Police and Anoka Champlin Fire Firefighter

Retired members of the Anoka Police Department, Anoka-Champlin Fire Department, and Anoka Fire Department (before the merge with Champlin) with a minimum of 10 years service are eligible for individualized pavers.  The Chief of each the respective department must confirm eligibility prior to purchase. People may honor the service of a Grandparent, Parent, Brother, Sister, Neighbor, or Friend that served our community.

Eligibility for Individualized Paver:

  • Retired Anoka-Champlin Fire Department
  • Retired Anoka Fire Department 
  • Retired Anoka Police Department
  • Minimum 10 years service

Community Support Paver

Citizens that wish to purchase a paver to show their support, but do not have an individual to honor, may do so by purchasing a “Community Support“ brick with standard inscription honoring all of our service members.

How to Purchase

Pavers are $200 each. Pavers maybe purchased on line or by mail by downloading the Veteran Order Form or APD/ACFD Order Form.  To purchase on-line, you will be redirected to the Park and Recreation catalog page to complete your registration and purchase.